Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pitbulls are a girls best friend

we've all heard it said that diamonds are a girls best friend. there might be some truth to that if you have lots of $$$. i say pitbulls are a girl's best friend. i had the opportunity to spend time with the loveliest animal Nikko. this adorable animal showered me with love during a difficult time.
i never thought about having a dog, spending time with Nikko changed that. his playfulness brought a smile to my face and kept me wildly entertained. his favorite game is brag the squeaky toy.(usually kept in his mouth) since my hostess lives in a small apartment there isn't a lot of room for him to run around in but he makes the most of it. i'd toss, he'd fetch and the games would commence. roughhousing with a 75 lbs. dog is no easy feat. i think i got more of a workout playing with him than i ever did doing yoga. he has an incredible grip. i'm happy that he considered me a friend instead of an enemy. i feel sorry for the person whoever crossed him because they're going down.

i would consider owning a pitbull if i had more space. my cats, Princess, Buttons and Lucky don't like sharing. hell i can't get them to share amongst themselves never mind another animal. maybe one day when i have a place of my own with a large fenced in yard, i'll treat myself to a dog like Nikko. until then, i'll just borrow other people's dog and like pictures on facebook.

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