Friday, May 16, 2014

Stop Shaming Part Deux ~ Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta Edition

Judge not, that ye be not judged ~ Matthew 7:1

it's easy to see something on tv, form an opinion and share it on #socialmedia. before #twitter, #Facebook, #tumblr, #Pinterest, #Google+ existed, we stood around the water fountain and gossiped about the latest celebrity escapade. the primary source for gossip was print media (aka National Inquirer) that provided scoops but no one considered that real journalism. now most of us get our entertainment gossip from blogs that provide video, audio and goodness knows what else our deprived minds can think of. 

the latest addition to this media circus is a #sextape that was allegedly stolen showing reality star Mimi with her boyfriend Nikko. i'm not a fan of #sextapes. i feel their exploitative. a private moment shared by two consenting adults does NOT need to be seen by the entire fcuking world. i say alleged because according to Mimi's boyfriend, his bag was stolen on the way from the airport. Said bag contained the camera and all the footage. we've all lost our luggage one time or another. i find it very suspicious that the bag that went missing was the one with the camera. as paranoid as i am, i never check in my electronic devices. i keep those by my side at all times. honestly, i think her F-lister boyfriend did it for publicity so he would have a storyline. i mean, have you ever heard his music played on the radio? does he even have an album? what label is he signed with? shouldn't he be on tour or something building stacks upon stacks? 

i place the focus on Nikko because everybody and their mother is busy pointing fingers at Mimi. she wasn't in the tape by herself. it takes two. he seemed really eager to capitalize on this misfortune. he was quick to throw shade at Stevie; even told him about selling the rights to the tape. what was the point of all that? Stevie and Mimi have a child together. what was this jackass thinking? they already have a hostile relationship why add more fuel to the fire? don't think for a second that i'm letting Mimi off the hook. what she did was fcuking DUMB. i understand why she did it. she made the fatal mistake of placing her trust in someone who wasn't worthy. ladies, we've all gone cray cray over some great dick. and from the looks of it, Nikko's dick must be made of titanium because she let it all hang out. shhhhhiiiiiitttttt, she bragged about how comfortable she was around him and how she never thought she was capable of doing such things because he made her feel safe. leaking that tape was the ultimate betrayal(besides infidelity). her girls warned her and were worried that something ugly could happen if the tape ever got lost. low and behold, the whole world has seen her cooch and his crotch(btw, i haven't watched the tape nor do i care to).

what gets my ovaries in a twist is how quick some people are throwing boulders at Mimi but aren't saying jack shit about Nikko. some people(primarily men i've noticed) feel that black women bring shame onto the race because they appear on reality shows. that's a broad generalization don't you think? i may not approve how reality stars choose to make their $$$$. i don't believe that a few misguided, desperate souls aching for attention represent the entire black race. a majority of people realize that these shows are scripted and staged. i admit it..... i like watching the train wreck called #love&hiphopatlanta. the shit is hilarious. it's one hour out of the week where my brain goes dead. when i compare my life to theirs, i appreciate what i have even more because my life is so boring. paparazzi aren't up in my cooch all the got damn time. i don't have to worry about those fleeting 15 minutes of fame. i don't have perform crazy antics for a storyline to keep checks rolling in. 

it has nothing to do with being smart or educated. reality stars good, bad or ugly choose to be on tv and have their lives on display. if you hate seeing people of color embarrass themselves week in and week out, change the fcuking channel. stop shaming folks. stop throwing boulders at folks who choose to act (if you can call it acting) on reality tv. stop making fun of people who watch this pile of crap. you don't like then good for you. do what you like. you're free to have an opinion. no one can stop you from having one. i implore you take a step back and put yourself in their shoes. we the audience have no idea what any of them are going through. we only see what the shows creator wants us to see. all we're getting is a glimpse into their lives. we can't ASSUME to know what is going on their mind(unless you have some super psychic powers and can read minds. IJS) i quoted the bible as a reminder. none of us would feel good about ourselves if strangers constantly said nasty things about us. these are HUMAN BEINGS with feelings. they have families like the rest of us. they bleed just like we do. the difference is their lives are on display for the whole world to see. we get to do our dirt on the low low and not worry about it appearing in a tabloid, gossip column, talk show or media blog. have a little fcuking sympathy for christ's sake. i really do feel sorry for them. there's no amount of money in the world scratch that..........there IS an amount of money that i would accept. honestly, there have to be a lot of 000,000,000's on it for me to make a fool out of myself. i mean millions upon millions of $$$$$$$. i'd be like #neneleakes and parlay that shit into a clothing line, perfume, radio gig, hosting a game show/award show, talk show, spin-off and commercial endorsements.    

so the next time you're going to twit or post anything negative about someone you don't know personally, ask yourself this would you feel if it happened to you? 

till next time............

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